Ricepurity Test: How Accurate Is It and Why Do We Take It?

Curious about the Ricepurity Test? This popular internet quiz has been around for years, but just how accurate is it? Read on to learn more about the Ricepurity Test and why we take it, and discover the flaws behind this viral quiz.


The Ricepurity Test is a popular internet quiz that has been around for years. It is a series of questions that ask about different aspects of a person's life, such as their sexual experiences, drug use, and criminal history. The purpose of the test is to provide a score that reflects how "pure" a person's lifestyle is. But just how accurate is the Ricepurity Test, and why do we take it?

What Is the Ricepurity Test?

The Ricepurity Test is a questionnaire that was first created by students at Rice University in Houston, Texas. It consists of 100 questions that cover a range of topics, including sexual activity, drug use, and criminal behavior. Each question is assigned a point value, and at the end of the quiz, the total points are tallied up to determine the person's "purity score."

How Accurate Is the Ricepurity Test?

It's important to note that the Ricepurity Test is not a scientifically validated measure of a person's character or lifestyle. The questions on the quiz are subjective and may not accurately reflect a person's experiences. Additionally, the test does not take into account the context or reasons behind a person's actions. For example, a person may have tried drugs once out of curiosity, but the Ricepurity Test would assign the same point value to that person as someone who regularly uses drugs.

Why Do We Take the Ricepurity Test?

Despite its flaws, the Ricepurity Test has become a popular internet quiz. Many people take the test out of curiosity, while others use it as a way to bond with friends or as a source of entertainment. Some people also use their purity score as a way to brag or as a badge of honor.


The Ricepurity Test may not be a perfect measure of a person's lifestyle, but it has become a popular internet quiz for a reason. Whether you take the test for fun or to gauge your "purity score," it's important to remember that the test does not define who you are as a person. Ultimately, the Ricepurity Test is just one small part of the complex and multifaceted human experience.